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Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC is an independent, privately owned and operated U.S. based company with more than 25 years of experience providing professional administrative support services to busy, successful high-level executives, entrepreneurs, solo professionals, business owners, and high net worth individuals/families throughout the United States.   
Since 1987, our clients have relied on us to help them manage the details of their busy lives to help them streamline their administrative workload, manage their time and resources more efficiently, minimize their labor costs, control their overhead expenses, and help them achieve a better work-life balance.  

No Geographical Boundaries

Using modern technology, we communicate and deliver services to you remotely via email, telephone, text, Skype, fax, USPS, web-based collaboration tools, and other online business services and delivery methods to meet your individual needs and comfort level so delegating your daily administrative responsibilities to us is easy, efficient, and convenient - no matter where you are -- anywhere in the world!

Dedicated Administrative Support Partner

Working with Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC isn't about working with someone who is just "the person behind the computer screen" doing the tasks you delegate to them. We are your Administrative Support Partner who has a strong commitment to your business and a vested interest in your professional and personal success.  Our support solutions go far beyond the one-time or occasional project-based work.  We focus on working closely with each client in an ongoing, one-on-one, collaborative style business relationship to create an environment that promotes personalized service, high standards of quality, extreme value, and service excellence to foster a true spirit of partnering for long-term stability and success.    

You Can Count on Us!

With our many years of experience in providing executive administrative assistance to many satisfied clients, you too can leverage our expertise to save you time and money.  By delegating your administrative responsibilities and functions to us, you will free up your valuable time to focus on YOUR expertise and core business responsibilities so you can continue to grow your business forward to the level of success you desire -- and you will gain a seasoned, dedicated administrative support partner to work by your side every step of the way. 

​Executive Administrative Support Services

... with a Personal Touch 

for busy, successful C-Level Executives, Small business owners, and solo professionals

since 1987

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Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC builds collaborative and professional partnerships with our clients to offer stability, personalized service, and an exceptional experience that you should expect from a professional administrative support provider. 

Our Services

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  • Cost-Effective 

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