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​​About Us

Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC is a U.S.-based company established to provide professional quality, high-level executive administrative support services remotely to busy, successful business executives, entrepreneurs, and established business owners throughout the U.S. who are looking for an alternative, flexible, and convenient solution to getting their administrative support needs met when hiring and maintaining an on-site employee or trying to do it all themselves is not a viable or desirable option.  

Our goal is simple:  To team up with clients and help them manage the day to day administrative details of their busy work (and sometimes personal) lives while they focus on the core business responsibilities that only they can do best, keep them on track and organized, and allow them more time to devote to other priorities so they can achieve a better work-life balance. 

The Virtual Concept

We have been successfully serving and supporting clients from a virtual work environment since 1987. That is, we receive and deliver work, and communicate remotely from our own full-equipped office through the use of modern technology, mobile connectivity, and a variety of communication media and business tools such as email, telephone, fax, Internet, instant messaging, text messaging, Skype, FaceTime, CD/DVD transfer, cassette tapes, audio files, overnight mail services, USPS snail mail, online file sharing, collaboration software and services, or remote computer access.  This means that we can assist you no matter where you are, or where we are -- anywhere in the world!  The cutting edge use of today's technology makes having dedicated administrative support highly accessible, easily integrated, and adaptable. 

The Owner

Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC is owned and operated by Lisa Salem, a highly experienced, professional executive administrative professional, turned entrepreneur. Prior to launching Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC in 2009, Lisa spent more than 25 years in the corporate world providing high-level executive assistance and office management support to C-Level executives and senior management staff.

Lisa brings her extensive and valuable experience, knowledge, and skills she gained in her long-time career as a corporate executive administrative professional into her business and takes pride in being able to offer a wide menu of administrative support services to provide her clients with full-service support across the board to accommodate their diverse administrative support needs.

Lisa's extensive real-world experience, combined with her education and training, high-standards, outstanding work ethics, and business acumen are reflected in all work she completes for each of the client's she serves and supports. She continually strives to maintain the highest performance standards, is results-driven, and works hard for her clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.

Lisa has a passion for helping people move forward, be successful, and achieve their goals -- both personally and professionally. Her enthusiasm, energy, wit, and dedication to getting things done efficiently and promptly delivers the kind of exemplary service busy executives need. 

By the Testimonials she has received over the years from employers and clients, past and present, you can be confident that her dedication to producing quality work and providing exceptional support to her valued clients, is what she is all about.

Business Operations

Lisa oversees all aspects of the day to day business operations, project management, client care, and team coordination.  She works hard to maintain the company's mission, vision, and core values, while leading the company's marketing and strategic business development efforts to continually grow and provide quality services and products to meet each and every client's needs. 

When you contact Monarch, you will be pleasantly surprised when Lisa answers your call personally.  She values each and every client and meticulously follows up on every detail of every job. 

Commitment to Excellence

Lisa operates the business as a professional practice, and seeks to conduct all business in a way that reflects her professionalism and commitment to excellence.  She is always willing to go the extra mile and works hard to consistently deliver a high caliber work product andsuperior service that will result in complete client satisfaction and foster a long-term working relationship.

Team Support

Lisa is very hands-on and involved in the business.  She works personally with each client, either one-on-one or as the client team leader. When a client's needs grow beyond what Lisa can handle herself, she has access to a network of other highly experienced and trusted administrative professionals whom she can call on to assist her as needed and will build a client support team to accommodate the clients specific needs.
Lisa is careful about whom she selects to become part of the team who will work with her and her clients, and she hand picks each team member personally.  She selects only those who meet her high standards of performance, who are highly skilled and experienced professionals in his or her specific area of expertise, and whose strengths are a good match for her client's specific needs.

Our Business Model

Unlike a traditional secretarial service or freelancer support that is transaction-based, our primary business model is focused on working closely and collaboratively with each of our clients in an ongoing, one-on-one business relationship. We aren't just "a person behind the computer" sitting by to receive your work requests, but rather we serve as your administrative partner, who has a vested interest in your success.  We work with you in your business and together we get things done. 

We believe that this continuous support, long-term commitment, and relationship-focused business model is a value-added benefit to partnering with us because it allows us time to get to know you and your business, builds mutual trust, and it gives time for the work relationship to gel, which as a result will create a synergy that is sustainable over the long term. The longer we work together, the more efficient and valuable the investment in the business relationship will become.  Our consistent, dedicated, and trusted support will help you maintain momentum and keep you focused on your core business priorities so you can achieve your goals and objectives for business success.