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Lisa's Favorite Things

Family and Friends
My tiny 6 lb Chihuahua, Princess
Dark Chocolate
Sunsets and Sunrises
Spring and Autumn
Walks on the Beach
"Ah ha" moments
Piano music
Art and Culture
Dark Chocolate
Wine Tastings
Memorable culinary experiences
Restaurants with ambiance
Cooking and Baking
Beautiful gardens
Dark Chocolate
Connecting with old friends
Making new friends
A great sense of humor
Morning walks
Working out at the Gym
Traveling to new places
Reading Books
Dark Chocolate
Comedy shows and movies
Positive, happy people
Beautiful places and things
Watching children play
The Zoo
Giraffes and Monkeys
Dark chocolate
Gourmet Flavored Coffee
Herbal Teas
Fluffy Blankets
Making a difference
Helping people
Spa relaxation therapy
Learning new things
Did I mention dark chocolate?

Meet Our Founder/Owner

Hi! I'm Lisa.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit my website.  I am the founder and proud owner of Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC, an off-site (or "virtual") professional executive administrative support service located in sunny Melbourne, Florida. 

Prior to starting my executive administrative support practice, I spent more than 30 years in the corporate world providing professional, high-level executive assistance and office management support to top level executives and small to medium-sized business owners.  I loved my career as an Administrative Professional and the work I did for so many years, but when I realized that providing exceptional executive assistance and office management support did not rely on me being physically present in the offices of those I supported, my focus shifted.   
My vision was to set up a home office and equip it with the latest technology that would allow me to provide the same exceptional administrative support remotely to the growing number of executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who worked from home offices or traveled frequently and did not have access to an in-house support staff, and small business owners who were looking for a flexible, cost-effective, alternative solution to get their administrative needs met to control labor and overhead costs, supplement their in-house resources, or avoid overloading their existing in-house staff and compromising their productivity. 

By retaining the services of an off-site, independent adminisrative support provider, who works with them in blocks of time as needed throughout the month, they could eliminate the hassle, time, and expense of having to recruit, hire, train (and often re-hire and re-train), manage, maintain, and compensate an on-site employee with a fixed salary and benefits, as well as the other employee-related costs (i.e., payroll costs, benefits administration), and associated overhead expenses (i.e., office space, equipment, supplies).

Not only would they benefit from having immediate access to dedicated, skilled, experienced, professional administrative support as little or as much as they needed, but, unlike an on-site employee, they could easily scale their usage of time up or down during business fluctuation periods and receive 100% productivity, thus getting more value for their money spent.

Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC was born on April 17, 2009 and I have been living my vision with passion and enjoying every minute helping my clients manage their time so they can achieve a better work-life balance ever since. 

My Background

I have had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as I can remember. I love the flexibility and freedom of being my own boss.  My passion for helping others succeed, and my love of computer technology, coordinating, planning, organizing, researching, managing details, working on projects from start to finish, typing, arranging things, and keeping things on track and running smoothly is what led me to pursue a career as an administrative professional, and now a business owner.

I was born and raised in the Boston-area of New England, and moved to Florida in 1996.  I've been told I have a wonderful sense of humor and a friendly, supportive, caring, and nice personality.  I am an avid reader, and a self-avowed information-junkie who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and learning. Music is a personal love of mine, especially piano music.  I love to cook and bake and have a great appreciation for fine wines and international cuisines. When I am not reading, listening to music, cooking, (or working!), I enjoy spending quality time with my extended family of friends, and my tiny furry, loyal companion, Princess. 

My Professional Experience

Prior to starting an executive administrative support practice, my professional experience included more than 20 years experience providing high level executive, administrative, marketing, business, and personal assistance to top-level Corporate executives, senior level management teams, small and home-based business owners, and independent professionals, including more than 10 years experience as a small business owner/manager, independent administrative services provider, and freelance transcriptionist. 

My Education and Training

I started pursuing a career as an Administrative Professional after graduating from my high school's Business Occupations Program. Over the years, I gained extensive experience through on the job training and professional development opportunities, such as career workshops and seminars. I also attended continuing education courses and college-level certificate programs at Bentley College and Mass Bay Community College in Massachusetts, with an emphasis on Administrative Assistance and Office Management, and college degree courses at Brevard Community College in Florida with an emphasis on Business Management and Administration. 

I am committed to the process of life long learning. I continue to develop myself both personally and professionally through continuing education and training opportunities to refresh and upgrade my technical and interpersonal skills, strengthen my business management techniques and strategies, and stay current with the latest industry trends in the Virtual Assistance profession.

My Work Style

If you are looking for an administrative support partner who is friendly, enthusiastic, positive, caring, helpful, and has a great sense of humor, we may be a good match.

My work style is conscientious, detailed-oriented, professional and organized. I am creative and resourceful, and love taking on new challenges and learning new things. I am continually adding to my collection of business resources, and will not hesitate to make recommendations on new and innovative ways to do things. I need structure and like to have systems in place to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. I am proactive and will look ahead to see what's next and either inform, make suggestions, and/or take the appropriate action. I have great follow up skills, and am meticulous, quality-driven, and thorough. I like to get things done and do them well, always striving to put my best effort into everything I do. I believe quality is more important than quantity. I am not shy about asking questions, and believe over-communicating is more important than under-communicating. I need structure and details, and will not hesitate to seek clarity and understanding until I have what I  need to meet the objectives as efficiently and accurately as possible. I possess a natural ability to take ownership of tasks and projects and see them through to completion. I am open-minded, flexible, and enjoy learning new things.