What are the Advantages to Working with a Virtual Assistant?
VA's are self-employed and pay their own taxes and insurance -- you are only charged for the actual time they spend on your work.
* * * 
VA's work from their own officesand use their own equipment -- you don't have to provide office space or purchase equipment for them to use.
* * * 
VA's are available short-term or long-term, with low minimum  monthly commitments usually between 2 to 10 hours a month, depending on the service plan you select.
* * * 
VA's work at 100% productivity; you only pay for the actual time it takes for them to complete your work -- you do not pay for breaks, personal calls, chatting with co-workers, interruptions, etc.  
* * * 
VA's are highly-skilled and experienced -- you do not need to train them --other than the initial learning curve normally needed to learn your business and how you operate. 


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Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Working with a Professional Administrative Support Services Provider

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner who provides administrative and business support services to assist businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals with their day to day administrative tasks to help lighten their workload. A Virtual Assistant can handle any task that an on-site employee working in the same capacity could handle, but unlike an employee, a Virtual Assistant is a business owner committed to helping you succeed in achieving your goals. But why would you want to work with a Virtual Assistant who is not physically present in your office instead of hiring an on-site employee?

Below are just a few of the many, many ways you can benefit from working with a Virtual Assistant as opposed to hiring an on-site employee:

Many businesses and solo professionals have found working with a Virtual Assistant to be an ideal alternative staffing solution especially when hiring an on-site full-time or part-time employee is not a viable option.  Below are a few reasons why.

[Reason 1]

Increase your Productivity. You can get more things accomplished in your day by outsourcing those tasks that take up your valuable time, thus allowing you to focus on your core business activities that only you can do in your business.

[Reason 2]

Maximize your Time.  You will have more time to spend on other priorities, like working with clients, networking to grow your business, developing new business ideas, or pursuing personal interests.

[Reason 3]

Reduce or Eliminate Employee Costs and Hassles. You won’t have to deal with hiring, managing, or maintaining an on-site employee, train temporary workers, struggle with staff turnover, or pay extra for payroll taxes, insurance, or costly employee benefits.

[Reason 4]

Reduce Overhead Costs. You don’t need to purchase additional computer equipment or provide a physical workspace. Virtual Assistants work from their own fully-equipped office using the latest technology and software to perform your work.

[Reason 5]

Protect Cash Flow.  You only pay for the actual productive time spent on completing your work, and not for rest breaks, idle chitchat, interruptions, etc. Why pay an employee for 40 hours a week, when realistically you’re probably only getting 30 hours or less of actual productive time from them?

[Reason 6]

More Flexibility. You get instant staff scalability during business fluctuation periods – seasonal business, peak periods, special projects/contracts, staff shortages, or when business is slow. You can work with your Virtual Assistant for as many or as little hours as you need each month.

[Reason 7]

Gain Peace of Mind.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your Virtual Assistant is dedicated to your success and committed to helping you achieve your business goals and objectives.

[Reason 8]

Enjoy More Freedom.  With a Virtual Assistant on your team, you will have more freedom to assume new, challenging opportunities. Whether it’s developing new product and services or spending more time with family and friends. 

[Reason 9]

Make More Money. With all those routine and time-consuming administrative tasks off your To Do list, you will have more time to focus on the income-generating and business development activities that will maximize your profitability and grow your business to the next level.

[Reason 10]

Business Support Partner.  You can think of your Virtual Assistant as your business support partner. She has an invested interest in your business success, works alongside you as your “right-hand” person to help you in your business, and serves as a valuable resource to meet your needs.